Bumi's Story

“This is my life, this is my home, this is my country”

Bumi Thomas, a talented jazz musician was born in Glasgow to Nigerian descent in June of 1983. A few months previous, the British Nationality Act was introduced. She would require the completion of an administrative, naturalisation form which her parents failed to complete due to a lack of information from the Home Office. This change of law impacted children of common wealth countries and Bumi faced deportation.

The Home Office did not consider Bumi to be eligible for citizenship despite being born in Glasgow. Bumi’s citizenship application was rejected and she was given just 14 days to leave the U.K. This is when Action for Humanity helped Bumi find legal representation with Ducan Lewis solicitors. The court case was heard in October 2019 and we successfully appealed the Home Office decision.

But Bumi’s story is far from over. She still hasn’t been granted full citizenship and we continue to campaign on her behalf until she gets justice. Unfortunately, Bumi’s “de-humanising experience” is becoming the norm. The Home Office’s attitude towards immigrants and their children is becoming even more ruthless. The aggressive persistence of deportations is splitting families and dividing communities. The 52% of Home Office asylum rulings being overturned shows the Home Office have taken their deportation drive too far.

We at Action for Humanity believe it is absolutely paramount to secure effective legal representation in immigration disputes. Without this representation the Home Office escapes vital scrutiny.

Bumi, has been associated with Action for Humanity ever since and has been a member of the Citizens of the World Choir since June of last year. She has become a very active and energetic voice within our charity, engaging in parliamentary seminars and represents everything we stand for through her musical performances. Bumi said “my coping mechanism has been my love of art”. Bumi's talents are immense and is glowing example of the positive impact a progressive immigration system has on the United Kingdom.


We are so very proud to have helped Bumi and we as a charity hope to help many more people who find themselves in such a perilous position. 

For more information regarding Bumi's story see: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/oct/23/relief-for-windrush-sisters-as-removal-threat-overturned, http://www.bumithomas.com/?LMCL=VmNBvu#Home

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